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As a rule of thumb, once in 7 to 10 years you should paint your home. But, that’s not enough. You need to keep certain things in mind to get a good painting job and to keep it intact for longer span. But, most of the people ignore it. If you are one of them, then you need to know that overlooking these can put you and your home at risk. So, as per Mosman residential painters if you can come to know about them in advance, you can save your property. In order to know them in detail, have a look into the below write up.Go to this website¬†painters dublin.

Water Based Paints Need More Care
If you are using water based paint, then you should maintain some guidelines. They mostly have a life of three years. But, you can add more years to their life. So, try your best to keep them dry and don’t use water to clean. As they are perfect for indoor places, so when you are doing cleaning and washing, be careful not to leave anything wet or don’t let wet clothes dry inside your home. Fix any leakage or dripping issue as soon as possible.

Matte Finish Paints Make Room Look Bigger
Due to the non-glossy finish, matte finish paints give you a clam feeling, no matter what colour you use. Also, it makes your room looks bigger. So, if you are worried regarding the size of your home, in order to befool your eyes, using this paint would be a good idea, say the Mosman residential painters. But, they get dirty very soon, so be careful and save them from mud and dust.

Glossy Paints Are Easy to Maintain
Due to the glossy finish, these paint items don’t attract dust and dirt. Even if they do, you can clean them easily using plain water or any mild detergent. And that’s why they are ideal for the exterior portion of your home, say the Mosman residential painters.

Exterior Paints have Different Formula
Many people think that all paints are same and can be used on any surface. But, you can’t do that. As per the purpose the ingredients of the paint also change. So, you need to have knowledge to choose them properly. You can’t use interior paint on your exterior walls. Otherwise, they will start flaking soon. Use branded exterior paint that would last long and would prevent water damage.